Time Tour Hours

  • Saturday and Sunday : 09:30 AM – 13.00 PM

Why do we love analog photography so much?

We are obsessed with analog photography because of its creative use, the film and the old mechanical of its cameras which require to be handled with meticulous care, the long and patient work and process necessary to see the pictures come to life.

In analog photography every shot counts.

Is the root that led to modern digital photography and it holds so much history and the dark mystery of the unpredictable.

The curiosity it tickles will stand the test of time.

What Daylight Analog Photography Walking Tour can offer you?

Daylight analog walking tours welcome beginners, hobbyists, and experts. We will help you find superb photographic opportunities that reflect your interests: after a stroll and a picture-perfect hunt around the Colosseum area, we will provide a comprehensive tour around the vibrant, bohemian, and colorful area of Monti, located nearby. Its chill atmosphere is the perfect paradise for film photographers because it allows us to embrace what film photography is all about: being able to take the time to observe, reflect, indulge in the composition before pressing the shutter button, allowing the light to enter into your camera and work its magic.

We will teach new ways of exploring analog photography as an exercise, using film cameras and lenses within a different and creative mindset.

Walking Tour Focus

  • Composition and cropping
  • Zone focusing techniques
  • Contrast and light meter reading
  • How to load a film camera
  • Analog visual approach


Colosseum ( Meet outside the Colosseum Metro )

Monti area

Who is this open to?

Hobbyist/ Beginners/ Intermediate: If you have limited experience in this walking tour, we will give you the skills to understand your camera and the notions to approach and deal with the scenes in front of you.

Experienced / Professionals: We will provide heighten technical notions and tips that will help approaching people on the streets.


A brief lesson about Analog photography notions in front of a coffee in a traditional Italian bar with an amazing view in the heart Monti Neighborhood.

We will provide you with an extra complimentary 35mm black and white film.

What to bring?

  • Comfortable pair of walking shoes & clothes
  • A bottle of water
  • A fully functional camera
  • 35mm or 120mm film ( we will provide you with a 35mm complimentary Black & White film )
  • Cash ( some places do not take card ) 


The price is 25€ each person (max 6 people per walking tour will be consolidated), Kids under 10 are free.

For one on one or private groups and any questions please contact us at