As an American, and today being the 4th of July, I want to share with you some bits and pieces of my experiences traveling around the USA within the past couple of years, through the lens of my camera. – Perry Hall

 Photo 1: This photo was taken in my hometown in Maryland in 2018. In the background is my stepfather showing me the new shotgun he just got for hunting, while my mother smokes a cigarette on oxygen.

Photo 2: I took this photo in a bar between Canal and Bourban St. in New Orleans in 2019. This photo is a man in an Uncle Sam outfit enjoying a Budweiser beer before going back to work.

Photo 3: I took this photo in Dallas, Texas in 2018. A hardworking man trying to make ends meet.

Even with black and white pictures, America never fails to show its true beautiful colors.


Social media changed forever our way of be tourist.

It doesn’t seem to back in the past when taking a picture was just a way of stopping a moment for the future remembering, a kind of pagan ritual, a true need.

Nowadays everything is accessible, or it seems to be.

We’re bombarded by pictures and the way we approach to them is changed forever, is not about where we are but who we want to be, our digital alter ego left us more alone that what we used to be.

Marco Sconocchia