There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept


                   Ansel Adams


 OURS: 12 On line and 10 Outdoor


 FREQUENCY: Once a week lesson online and Every Sunday outdoor exercises

 COST: 175 Euros

Daylight Street photography Course

Are you in Rome & would like to learn about street photography? Would you like to find a unique way to learn about the city?

We will teach you methods on how to use your camera in candid situations with an experienced street photographer that knows when and where to shoot around every corner in the “Eternal City”.

The main focus of our classes is to make you understand what the streets can offer you. We will give you key insightful tips about the technical aspects of the genere of street photography such as composition, light, and how to interact with your surroundings for you to get the shot you want. We can help you find your voice through photography and at the same time enjoying your time in the Roman streets.

Our goal is to combine online lessons with outdoor exits, we want to give you a full experience.

Alex Webb states: “The best way to get to know a place is to walk. Because a photographer on the street can only walk and look and wait trying to remain confident that the unknown awaits him just around the corner. I try to follow the rhythm of the streets, sometimes by immersing myself in situations, other times by staying out of them. It all depends on what the world wants to offer me at that particular moment. ” A simple “shot taken in the street”, being taken by surprise by what happens, is not a shot of street photography. It is necessary to have in mind what you are looking for and that the result you want to achieve following a logic and a well-defined narrative line.

During the Daylight Street photography workshop you will learn…

  • Understanding laws and privacy issues in Italy
  • Make the most out of your camera and its advanced modes
  • How to approach and interact with strangers
  • Finding the right scene, subjects that work for your comfort level
  • Timing your shots perfectly
  • Composition tips & tricks
  • Understanding light
  • Zone focusing
  • Hyperfocal attention to details
  • Understanding & controlling your camera’s light meter
  • To find your voice through a photograph ( storytelling )


Please feel free to contact us for one on one sessions or groups scheduling.

Our Street Photography Teacher is Marco Sconocchia, a professional photographer based between Rome and London.

His works has been featured in many of the National and International newspapers as The Guardian, The Independent, The Sun, The Daily Mirror, La Repubblica, Sette, National Geographic, 6 mois and more.

He also worked as staff photographer for


Check it out his website:



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